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Special Ed.

Resource Teachers

Ms. Erin McCrea - Resource (First Grade)
Ms. Beth Deo - Resource (6th grade)
Mrs. Jessica Shipley - Resource (Kindergarten)
Ms. Lizabeth Gensheimer - Resource (2nd grade)  
Mrs. Amy Kemp - Resource (various grades)  
Mrs. Tracey Marmorato - Resource (various grades)
Mrs. Jennifer Micucci - Resource (3rd grade)
Mrs. Herminia Maida - Resource (4th grade)
Ms. Erin Sassaman  - Inclusive Preschool class
Mrs. Kristi Putignano - Resource (various grades)
Mrs. Michele Cocuzza - Resource (5th grade)

Special Education Teachers

Special Education Classrooms:
Mrs. Caitlin Diaz  -          PD Classroom
Mrs. Angela Bridygham  PD Classroom  
Ms. Michele Wilkinson  - LLD Classroom

"Wanting to be free.  Wanting to be me.  Trying to make people see.  And accept the real me."

  - Scott Lentine