April 27, 2023 Board of Education Meeting

April 27th Board of Education Regular Meeting and Public Budget Hearing

The Mansfield Township Board of Education held the regular monthly meeting and public budget hearing on Thursday, April 27th at 7PM.  Please find the monthly check registers, meeting agenda and meeting recordings below.

Agenda for April 27th meeting

Addendum to Agenda for 4/27/23

User Friendly Budget 2023-2024

Mr. DeAngelo's Budget Presentation from the 4/27 meeting

Check Register for March 17-31st

Check register for April - through 4/27/23

Cafeteria Check Register for April through 4/27/23

Recording April 27, 2023 BOE meeting Part I

Recording April 27, 2023 BOE Meeting Part II

Recording April 27, 2023 BOE meeting Part III