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Title I

What Is Title I?

Title I ("Title One") is the federal program that provides funding to local school districts to improve the academic achievement of students. It is part of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act first passed in 1965, now called "No Child Left Behind". The goal of the program is to strengthen the reading and math skills of children who qualify for the program.

How Does a Student Qualify for Title I support?

There are several ways that a child can qualify for Title I. At least one of the following criteria is required:

  • Teacher observation and recommendation
  • Low running record scores
  • Low scores on a statewide exam
  • Low scores on End-of-Year assessments
  • Recommendation of the Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS) team

How does the program work?

The Title I program is designed to support a child with skills and concepts that are being taught in the classroom. It is not a replacement program. The type of instruction varies depending on the needs of individual students.